Tudno Castle, Llandudno, Conwy

A Building Survey was carried out prior to the renovation of Tudno Castle Hotel, a Grade II Listed Building located in the core of Llandudno. The building complex dates back to the 1870s and was formerly the location of two different hotels, the Tudno Castle and the Temperance Hotel. It was also known as The North-Western Hotel from 1900s. After several repairs, modernisations and additions, it had lain empty since closing in 2008, and has become one of the seaside town’s biggest eyesores due to its prominence. The main building was affected by a fire on 2012.

While having suffered numerous alterations through time, the use of the different spaces were still clearly discernible throughout the building. Great contrast was observed between the lavishness of the ballroom and bar areas and, for instance, the austere style evidenced in the attic and basement in the form of furniture, fittings and decoration; areas which are very likely to have been used by the hotel staff.

The most prominent changes observed within the main building relate to the demand for en-suite bathrooms within each room, to the implementation of central heating and, more generally, to the development of different interior styles over time. In contrast, the frontal elevations of the main building had remained virtually unaltered, as a result of which the structure continued to be in keeping the overall appearance of Llandudno.

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