Heritage Consultancy

Archaeology Wales provides a variety of independent heritage consultancy services, each designed to assist our clients negotiate their way through different aspects of the pre-planning process. Our team provides friendly and expert advice, helping to assess and manage potential archaeological risk, from pre-acquisition through to full planning consent.

From complex schemes where Environmental Impact Assessments are required down to simple on-off construction projects, and from off-shore and coastal developments to upland schemes such as wind farms, our specialists are able to draw on considerable previous experience.

We can advise on projects involving potential alterations to locally or nationally listed buildings or monuments, or on issues of setting, such as the potential visual impact of proposed developments on such structures. We can help obtain Scheduled Monument Consent or Ministry of Justice burial licences where necessary, and we are always happy to negotiate with Local Authorities or Cadw on a client’s behalf.

Our advice is practical and our specialist reports have a well-earned reputation for quality, thoroughness and objectivity.


Desk-based Assessments,
Impact Assessments
and Appraisals



ASIDOHLs, Settings
& Assessments
of Visual Impact



Conservation Management
Conditions Surveys
and Heritage Statements


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