Slade Lane, Haverfordwest

A series of studies took place in relation to a retail-led mixed-use development proposal for land located to the north of Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire. The work drew on an earlier Desk-based Assessment carried out by Archaeology Wales in 2011 and formed part of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the proposed site(s). The work resulted in the preparation of two Cultural Heritage Chapters, for publication in separate Environmental Statements, and the proposal of targeted mitigation measures.

By working closely with other members of the EIA team, specialist staff from Archaeology Wales were able to adopt a flexible and responsive approach during the assessment process, revising and refocusing their approach as the proposal was developed.

The completed Cultural Heritage Chapters assessed the likely significance of the effect of the proposed developments upon the cultural heritage resource within the application sites and the surrounding area. Details of known archaeological and historic sites were collated and the potential for previously unknown sites was considered. The assessment drew on information from numerous sources, including: the regional Historic Environment Record, held by Dyfed Archaeological Trust in Llandeilo; the Cadw list of Designated archaeological sites; previous excavation reports and archives; aerial photographs and satellite imagery; records held in the Pembrokeshire County Archives and at the National Library of Wales (Aberystwyth); bore-hole logs and other information held by the developer; cartographic sources such as OS maps, Tithe maps and early estate maps; place name evidence and historic documents.

The resulting Assessment considered the potential of both ‘direct’ and ‘indirect’ effects on the historic environment. Direct effects are primarily those likely to occur during construction, whereas indirect effects are more likely to be associated with alterations to the visual setting or tranquillity of heritage assets. Effects were considered in relation to archaeological remains, historic buildings and historic landscapes. The resulting Significance of Impact was considered Neutral or Slight in all cases except the effect on the Haverfordwest Conservation Area, where the Significance of Impact was considered Moderate Slight. However, on consideration of suitable mitigation measures, this was reduced to Slight for both the construction and operational phases of the proposed development.

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