Rhiannon Philp

BSc (Hons) MA, PhD, Palaeoenvironmental archaeologist

Rhiannon joined the Archaeology Wales team in February 2018 and is based in the SE Wales Office. She is a specialist in palaeoenvironmental analysis, in particular the use of pollen in reconstructing the past environment and she oversees post excavation activities such as the processing of environmental samples and finds from archaeological sites.

Rhiannon completed her PhD at Cardiff University focusing on the interpretation of submerged peat deposits on the Gower Peninsula. Prior to undertaking her PhD she worked as an Assistant Supervisor both in the field and as part of an environmental archaeology team at Oxford Archaeology East for a number of years. Rhiannon currently sits on the committee for the Association for Environmental Archaeology, of which she has been a member since 2014.

Rhiannon’s research interests include environmental change, the archaeology of prehistoric Britain, palynology and the effect of past sea level rise on coastal communities.