Cassandra Davis

BSc (Hons) MA, Supervisor
02920 020 136

Cassandra began working with Archaeology Wales in 2015 as a Site Assistant and is currently a Supervisor. In the summer of 2017 she supervised the excavation of a nationally important early medieval burial site on Anglesey. She is based at the South Wales office in Caerphilly.

Academically, Cassandra’s main interests lie within zooarchaeology and isotopes analysis, which she studied extensively at Cardiff University. She is especially interested in the Later Iron Age to Romano British era, although she has a range of experience on multiphase sites throughout Britain, including EAOne Ipswich and Hartridge Farm Newport.

Cassandra’s ancestry and heritage are in the South Wales Mining villages. She enjoys visiting and working on industrial sites throughout South Wales, locations where she feels a strong connection to her local heritage.