Desk Based Services

Whether you are looking for an independent consultant to help negotiate your way through the planning process or for a high quality specialist report, we have the skills you are after. All our specialist reports have a well-earned reputation for quality, thoroughness and objectiveness which, amongst other benefits, minimises the risk that unexpected (and expensive to deal with) remains will turn up once construction has started.

Cultural Heritage Chapters
Conservation Management Plans


Local authorities often require Desk Based Assessments to be undertaken early in the planning process, which means they can play a vital role in helping developers to plan ahead. Archaeology Wales can draw of years of experience in undertaking studies of this type. Our staff can offer high quality, professional, advice to clients whatever the complexity of the scheme proposed.

pye corner.jpg

Pye Corner, Newport

A DBA to determine the archaeological potential of a plot of land near Nash, Newport, took place prior to redevelopment. Features such as ridge and furrow were identified, but the overall potential was deemed to be moderate.


King Street, Blaenavon

An ASIDOHL was undertaken to help inform the planning decision for a development at King Street, Blaenavon, because of its position within the Blaenavon Landscape of Outstanding Historic Interest and the Blaenavon World Heritage Site.


Crundale, Haverfordwest

A Desk-Based Assesment and associated geophysical survey helped to evaluate land at Crundale near Haverfordwest prior to the construction of a solar farm. The work led to the preperation of a detailed pre-planning mitigation stratergy.

Cultural Heritage Chapters for Environmental Statements

For larger developments, specialist archaeological chapters are often undertaken as part of wider ranging assessments, for example Environmental Impact Assessments. Archaeology Wales has undertaken many such studies, particularly in advance of proposed wind farm developments.

Cwm Ivy Marsh.jpg

Cwm Ivy Marsh

A Cultural Heritage Chapter was prepared for Natural Resources Wales as part of an Enviromental Impact Assesment and Options Appraisal for a habitat creation project at Cwm Ivy Marsh on the north coast of Gower

Mid Wales Grid Connections.JPG

Mid Wales Grid Connections

Work for Scottish Power Energy Networks is helping to mitigate the impact of proposed wooden pole electricity connections from wind farms located in mid Wales. Scoping and PEI reports have been produced and a full assesment will appear in the ES.

Holyhead Waterfront.jpg2

Holyhead Water Front

This view of the great breakwater, taken from Holyhead mountain, was just one of a number examined as part of a desk based assessment carried out to inform proposals to redevelop parts of the harbour and waterfront.

Conservation Management Plans and Historic Research

Archaeology Wales has undertaken many desk based studies of a more specialist nature. These include Conservation Management Plans, which are often undertaken as part of grant applications for Higher Level Environmental Stewardship Agreements, and Documentary Research targeted at answering specific development needs.

Forge Condition survey.jpg2

Forge Washery, Lower Brynamman

A Conditions Survey and Assesment at the Forge Washery, Lower Brynamman, the site of a 19th Century ironworks, helped implement a redevelopment of the site by preserving specific historic elements within new proposals.


Aberglasney House

A conservation Management Plan, along with associated building surveys and watching brief monitoring, was been carried out as part of on-going restoration work of out-building and garden features at Aberglasney House, Camarthenshire.

St Cadocs.jpg

St Cadoc’s Church, Llancarfan

This drawing of the ‘new door’ in the South Porch at Cadoc's Church, Llancrfen, Vale of Glamorgan, was uncovered during a documentary survey undertaken in conjunction with ongoing conservation work within the church.

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