About Us

Our company has continued to grow, having developed from a business originally founded in 1992. Our projects have ranged from work on small, one-off, developments to involvement in large infrastructure schemes. We have successfully undertaken hundreds of desk-based studies, non-intrusive surveys, and fieldwork investigations, ranging in scope from Neolithic settlement sites to the modern military installations. Our standards are high and all the work we do is undertaken in accordance with the guidelines of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists, the Museums and Galleries Commission, Cadw (Welsh Historic Monuments) and English Heritage.

Mark Houliston

Managing Director

Jill Houliston

Finance Director

Philip Poucher

Project Manager

Rowena Hart

Project Manager

Kate Pitt

Project Manager

Chris Smith

Senior Supervisor

Our team of archaeologists is led by project managers Phil Poucher, Rowena Hart, and Kate Pitt, with support from senior supervisor Chris Smith. Finance and personnel at the company is managed by Jill Houlison and finds and archiving is co-ordinated by Irma Bernardus.